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An Episodic, Locally-Sourced, Artisanal Comedy
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At The Brooklyn Food Co-op, food shopping is more than just food. It's a lifestyle, a community, an opportunity for social justice, and a way to fix the planet. Join our shift leader Yuri and his crew of co-op staffers for each shift as they deal with gluten allergies, unruly children, and the pains of sourcing almonds during the Israel-Palestinian Crisis.


Created by Hayley & Willy Appelman and David Bernstein

Produced by Tom Capps

Music by Andreas Haberlin
Sound by Ruben Morales​

Shot by Jamie Northrup


Featuring Andrew R. Butler, David Carl, Hayley Appelman, Iliana Inocencio, Katie Hartman, Michael Cruz Kayne, Michael Delisle, Brittany Lee McDonald, Sarah Grace Welbourn, Tessa Hersh, Tim Dunn, Willy Appelman and Woody Fu

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